What are the laws that protect workers in Colombia?

What are the laws that protect workers in Colombia

When you have workers under your charge, it is essential to be fair and respect their rights. In addition, the law establishes each of the regulations imposed for work, whose objective is to guarantee occupational health and safety. Here we will provide you with accounting advice in Colombia so that you know the rights to which you have access.

Laws for Colombian workers

A law is a rule or legal principle dictated by an entity of the competent authority, in which there are registered mandates and prohibitions that must be fully complied with. When these precepts are ignored, there is a penalty for those who fail to comply with it.

Good working performance

Keep in mind that no matter how prestigious a company is or no matter how much money it owns, everyone deserves respect. In this way, everything will work out as expected. There are some laws that govern in Colombia:

  1. Law 1010 of 2006 or “Measures for the prevention, correction and punishment of conduct of workplace harassment”: It covers everything that happens without the consent of the other person and even more so when it extends to harassment. In other words, something continuous that gets out of control and enters the realm of the personal. To such an extent that all these situations begin to affect personal performance due to the offensive and hostile environment that has been created. The purpose is to call for respect for gender differences and to create decent and fair working conditions.
  2. Law of severance pay for dismissal without just cause: Although defined term contract doesn’t exist, there is no justifiable cause to fire anyone. If this happens, you will have to pay severance pay, as this is what government regulations dictate. There are times when many bosses fire their workers on a whim or because they don’t like them. This is understood as an unjustified act, so your work will automatically be returned to you in case it happens.
  3. Law 1780 of 2016 or Law of Youth Entrepreneurship: The main idea is to motivate young people under 18 years of age to access a job or, if it is the case, so that they can have the bases to develop new companies. The creation of a company in Colombia is something that benefits all the people who inhabit the country. It offers the possibility of improving and getting ahead thanks to current legislation.
  4. Law 1562 of 2012 or Prevention of Industrial Hazards and Health & Safety at Work: The objective is to guarantee the safety and protection of employees against the effects caused by an occupational disease or accident. In other words, it is based on safety and health at work.
  5. Law 20 of January 22, 1982 or Capacity to contract: To guarantee the rights of children and adolescents, this precept prohibits the hiring of minors under 18 years of age. In isolated cases in which the parents have a disability and the minor is the only source of monetary income, for which an authorization to work is necessary.
  6. Law 789 of 2002 or General System of Professional Risks: It implies any accident that occurs in the work area and, therefore, a disability is generated due to any failures. The worker has the right to obtain compensation for damages caused based on the settlement.

The purpose of compliance with these laws is to ensure the healthy performance of workers and prevent their rights from being violated.

If this is the case, it is essential to request the help of an Accountant in Bogota Colombia,that way you can learn more about the rights that employees have.


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