This is how tax services work in Bogotá

tax services work in Bogotá

If what you want is to understand how tax services work in Bogotá, it is first necessary to review the legal system that regulates all tax activity in the country, this point translates into taxes, fees or contributions. Unfortunately, both individuals and legal persons (especially the latter), often present various problems with the DIAN, given the rate of misinformation and confusion about how this body works and under what laws it is based to carry out an audit. This undoubtedly demonstrates the relevance and the need for good advice from professionals specialized in the tax area to avoid any type of inconvenience. So, if you have doubts about this issue, do not worry, in this article we will explain how tax services work in Bogotá.


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Tax Advice for companies


This activity arose from the various problems presented by various organizations in relation to tax matters and is intended to offer to companies as much information as possible about how tax legislation works in Colombia.

It is important to mention that a large number of companies do not have an adequate management of their bookkeeping, in addition to not being aware of the new reforms and regulations that the government has applied in tax matters, therefore, they are often punished with serious lawsuits in relation to their practices before the authorities.

That is why, many companies have been concerned about correctly paying their respective tax obligations and have seen the investment on tax services in Bogotá as a fundamental need for the proper functioning of organizations.

Due to the above, having highly qualified professionals in this area, undoubtedly makes it possible for organizations to anticipate any inconvenience presented to the tax authorities, having in their hands adequate control of their finances.


Tax obligations compliance


For organizations to meet all tax obligations, it is advisable to carry out a tax planning in relation to the exact date on which the Income Tax will be paid and what percentage of the gross income will be deposited to the respective tax collection body, so that the company is always at the forefront and can be organized more effectively.

On another hand, it is important to always have a backup of all the accounting documents where the financial activity is recorded, in addition to constantly auditing in such a way that, in the event of an audit, having all the documents or physical resources as a proof that the organization has correctly complied with the tax obligations stipulated in the law.


Tax Advice for companies


Tax Advice for individuals


Individuals, in general, have several problems with tax office, mainly because many inhabitants of Colombia are little or not informed of what the law dictates on tax matters and therefore, there are often many cases of evasion of taxes, which is punishable by fines and other legal consequences.

In some cases, tax evasion usually occurs because there are inhabitants who have no knowledge on how to file, to mention an example, the Income Tax Return, and therefore, it is very important that citizens know deeply how Colombian Tax Legislation works so that they can be informed of how to meet all their tax obligations.

On another hand, tax services advisory in Bogotá plays an important role, because it is the City where the largest number of inhabitants in all of Colombia is concentrated, so the number of individuals eligible to pay taxes is high, which translates into a greater amount of collection by the State.


Commerce and Industry Tax


This is a municipal tax and its purpose is to verify that all gross income coming from manufacturing, industrial, commercial or servicing activities received by individuals and companies are directly or indirectly paid with their respective tax percentage to the National Treasury.

For industrial or manufacturing activities, the tax is 0.2 to 0.7%, while for commercial and services, it will be 0.2 to 1% respectively.


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The relevance of tax services in Bogotá is high, so if you are a taxpayer you should stay informed and seek quality advice, in order to comply with the corresponding tax obligations, because, through it, the State raises sufficient funds to fulfill its functions with the country, such as the payments to the police, military, road maintenance, highways and other services provided to citizens.


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