Importance of organizational communication for the legal incorporation of a company in Colombia

Importance of organizational communication for the legal constitution of a company in Colombia

Organizational communication is an essential element that affects different aspects within companies and businesses. The incorporation of a company in Colombia can be carried out legally, also depending on the communication direction that the company takes in its internal operations, here we will explain how.

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What is organizational communication?

Organizational communication corresponds to the means and strategies that companies use to communicate certain information to all the departments that make up the company internally.

On the other hand, it is also applied in the commercial sphere. Especially when companies make use of the mass media to get information about a product or service to potential consumers.

This is how organizational communication can be defined as the main center that allows an organization to function. If the members of the same are not able to transmit the information through the pertinent means, the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company will slow down (and in some cases will not be achieved).

What is the type of communication to be implemented in the organization?

This is a factor that the future shareholders of the company should evaluate before carrying it out. Entrepreneurs can rely on the objectives that they are going to establish or the good or service that they are going to produce and then market to define what would be the type of organizational communication that best suits the situation of the company.

It is important to develop an organization chart in which you can graphically visualize how the organizational communication is going to be composed in the company. It will be possible to show the corresponding legal entities what will be the methods that will be applied for the preparation of the communication plan.

what is organizational communication - legal constitution of a company in Colombia

Types of organizational communication

The types of organizational communication that exist are:

  1. Internal communication

The internal communication of a company is the one that takes place inside, between its employees. This is done through meetings, announcements, host manuals, brochures, etc.

  1. Downward communication

It is the type of communication in which all the information regarding the company is issued from the highest positions in hierarchical terms to the lowest. For example, that the general manager of an organization notifies all the employees who work in the production area that they must duplicate the manufacture of inputs.

  1. Upward communication

It is the one where information is communicated from the lowest positions to the highest hierarchically speaking. For example, a worker notifying the general manager that the food processing machine located in the production area was damaged.

  1. External communication

This includes the communication processes that are used to publicize the company abroad.

It has more to do with advertising issues, projected image of the company, social networks, etc. It also allows knowing the opinion of people outside the company about what they think of it.

  1. Diagonal communication

It corresponds to the one where inter-hierarchical communication is aimed at. Therefore, different teams, managers, and directors receive the same type of information.

This type of internal communication is ideal for those who seek to inform the company as a whole about new projects, contextualization or even transmit motivational messages.

Why is organizational communication important to incorporate a company in Colombia?

Because a plan that establishes the type of organizational communication that a company is going to implement allows legal authorities (such as the commercial registry) to identify the seriousness and formality with which an organization is going to operate in the country.

This action inspires confidence and having this resource will facilitate the process for the legal incorporation of the company in Colombia. Similarly, it will allow the organization to meet the proposed objectives more quickly, since it will have a communication system where the information that is issued is clear and precise.

We can see that organizational communication is an essential tool that all organizations must have for the incorporation of a company in Colombia, this is the resource that will allow them to communicate any particular problem and then take actions in order to find a solution to the same.


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