Country Brand as an international investment strategy

Country Brand

In the midst of this continuous process of globalization, where markets are increasingly integrated and economies depend more on each other, it is extremely necessary for us to have a competitive country brand, as well as for national companies that need accounting services in Bogota Do you want to learn more about Colombia’s Country Brand and Colombia’s efforts in that regard? Here we explain it to you.

The country brand as a promotional tool

Traditionally, the national symbols have been the main elements of identification of a country, but as nations are inserted into the global culture and the market economy, the need to identify the countries through graphic elements and slogans that represent its main competitive advantages in the international market, which is what we call the country brand.

Something that must always be taken into account is that a country brand goes beyond a logo or a slogan; it is a set of strategies that contribute to generating a positive image of a nation state. It must also be promoted and managed by organizations with recognition and authority throughout the national territory and ensure that the greatest number of social sectors identify with it.

How Colombia Country Brand arises

Colombia has so far had three country brands. The first was launched in 2005, under the slogan “Colombia is passion”; the second emerged in 2011 with “The answer is Colombia”, and the last, in 2021, for which the slogan “Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world” was chosen.

This last country brand, sponsored, like the previous ones, by the ProColombia movement, responds to the purpose of promoting in a more accurate way what makes us unique as a nation and received in December 2020 the distinction of best country brand in Latin America in the Country Brand Awards.

Aspects to highlight of Colombia Country Brand

Our new Country Brand Colombia CO seeks Colombia’s international projection in three fundamental aspects: tourism, exports and foreign direct investment. We are going to tell you, below, what the impact has been on each of these three axes after the implementation of this new country brand:

  • Tourism. The promotion of tourism under this new name focuses on the warmth of the Colombian and the biodiversity of the national territory.
  • Exports. Efforts are made to ensure that all Colombian exports have a designation of origin and that the country brand is integrated into them, so that abroad the good or service can be clearly identified with what Colombia represents.
  • Foreign investment. This brand seeks to explore new opportunities for foreign direct investment.

Foreign investment opportunities

The official portal of the new country brand of Colombia, Colombia CO, highlights all the attractiveness of Colombia as a destination for foreign investment. For this, data are provided that reinforce a positive national image in this sense, such as Colombia’s position in third place in Latin America in receiving foreign investment.

The new country brand, as long as it continues to be properly managed, will be able to further strengthen Colombia’s competitiveness in terms of foreign direct investment, due to the association effect.

It should be noted that, for national companies with an import vocation, it is extremely convenient to be advised by a good accounting firm.

The country brand allows any State the effective and simplified promotion of its main cultural, natural and commercial assets, while serving as an element that reinforces the sense of cohesion and belonging of its citizens. All this and more is part of the new Country Brand Colombia CO; We invite you to meet her.