Why to choose JLC Auditors as your new accounting advisor?

When you first establish yourself as a freelancer, or even as a small business, one of the main responsibilities you must face are economic matters. Therefore, looking for an accounting service, has an indispensable role in supporting your business because, when you work for yourself, every penny counts, all inflows and all outflows.

Despite the financial relevance of any company regardless of its size, there are many entrepreneurs who mistakenly think of accounting services in Colombia as an expense, rather than an investment. As a result, we want to show you the main reasons why our advisors are the best decision to deal with the economic and fiscal issues of your company. Take notes.

We explain how tax services work.

  1. It can save you time:

When you start working for yourself, whether as a company owner, freelancer, owner of your own venture or brand, your priority is to generate income and fulfill the work that has been assigned. Therefore, having to do paperwork, keeping up with what has been spent or what is coming, can take a lot of time and consume time from your duties in question.

Looking for accounting services firm in Colombia that is aware of the latest tax changes, regulations and deadlines, can save you hours and hours, enabling you to use time more efficiently.

  1. Reduce your tax burden:

Accounting services professionals in Bogotá will help you understand how to save your money and can give you some good advice on the most efficient way to manage your business. Similarly, these professionals will allow you to know the best way to operate (either as an individual or a limited liability company), and the most efficient way to distribute or invest money in your company, taking into account your individual circumstances and situations. This will help you understand your fiscal responsibility and will give you the best advice to fit in the law and benefit your business financially.

  1. Avoid tax penalties:

Having accounting advisory in Colombia will allow you to keep an eye on the documents and avoid tax penalties. In addition, counting on a team of accounting advisors will keep you from receiving tax fines, be familiar with the latest tax legislation or missing a due date to file your returns.

  1. Grow your business:

Having accounting advisory in Bogotá will allow you to have a great source of advice and wisdom to help you grow and develop your business. You can have a dedicated accountant, so from the first day you will have at your disposal a specialist who will understand your business, help you grow it and take pride in its success.

  1. Manage your tax concerns:

Let’s go back to taxes. Taxes are complex, so it is not surprising that small business owners do not worry about their tax matters or end up giving up by not understanding them. In addition, they may sometimes forget how to prepare their company’s year-end accounts, how to prepare abbreviated company accounts, how to organize their tax returns, how to prepare calculations and company tax refunds, among other things.

Due to the above scenario, having accounting advisory in Bogotá will make it easier for you to prepare everything you need, save you money and give you peace of mind, while allowing you to continue with your business.

 JLC Auditors as your new accounting advisor

If you are looking for an accounting service for your company, we are your best option, at JLC we are experts in accounting and tax matters, we provide real solutions to your company, because we understand that your priorities are not only directed towards the production area, so we offer integral solutions according to the needs of your organization.

We also specialize in:

  1. The industrial, manufacturing, educational, mining and hydrocarbons sector, non-profit, real estate, technology, telecommunications and consulting organizations
  2. Innovate in accounting processes that seek through the management of technological tools, minimization of personnel costs and risks.
  3. Centralize all administrative issues without altering the main purpose of sales and maintaining the best quality standards.
  4. Bilingual staff for those companies that remain at the forefront of today’s world.

In the same way we have at your disposal each of these services:

  1. Accounting advice and outsourcing.
  2. Tax advice.
  3. Audit.
  4. Advice for entrepreneurs.
  5. Financial management.
  6. IFRS implementation.

Our quality and professionalism are supported by clients around the world who rely on our experience of more than 15 years as an accounting firm and service in Bogotá.

Learn the benefits of online accounting.

As we have seen, times have changed, so it is necessary to have advisors and a good accounting service in Colombia like ours. We also have highly competitive rates according to your business, cases of proven success before the tax administration that demonstrate excellent results, we have technological infrastructure to operate locally and remotely that guarantee a comfortable and reliable service. Don’t forget to check our prices online and define which one suits your requirements.


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