10 key benefits to internationalize your company in Latin America

Benefits to internationalize your company in Latin America

When thinking about internationalize your company, you think about expanding products and services outside the territory of origin, but also when exporting you are allowing ourselves to contribute much more to the growth of the business. In times of pandemic, searching for new markets and opportunities will allow you to adapt to new changes in the global economy.

Investing abroad can be considered a risk, but in Latin America it is an opportunity to grow and generate dynamism in the economies of the region. Investing in Colombia is an option that has been gaining ground little by little since in the country there are laws and increasing incentives for the strengthening and consolidation of enterprises.

Do you want to invest and have not decided yet?

Here we will show you 10 benefits for the incorporation of companies in Colombia:

  1. Increase of economic profits: investing will generate new economic profits, because they will increase the sales and commercial operations of your company. Expanding the boundaries of the company, allows you to trade the products or services, generating more money and sources of economic income.
  2. Conquer new markets: reaching a new market makes it possible to boost the local economy and generate new sources of employment, betting on the economic growth of the business. By reaching new destinations you will be able to conquer new clients!
  3. Tax benefits: foreign investment in Colombia implies having benefits that include the 27% income rate, exclusion of the presumptive income regime, exclusion of dividend tax, depreciation benefits and exclusion of wealth tax.
  4. Boost competitiveness: new businesses allow encouraging healthy competition with local companies through the use of technology and innovation. Competition in markets is key to the economic growth of a country.
  5. Strengthening the business internally: investing allows to diversify the income of the company and create new organizational processes that strengthen the growth of the business, since the structure of the organization tends to expand internally and externally. To internationalize is to have a robust and growing business.
  6. Reduction in the cost structure: the company reduces its cost structure because the proportion of each factor or service is lower, it means, operating costs are organized when developing the product or service and new business practices are created taking as reference the strategy and operation of the business.
  7. Improve reputation and marketing: reaching new markets will give customers the confidence and guarantee that the products and services are high quality. The reputation of the business improves as it goes international, generating new opportunities in the company’s advertising and corporate communications.
  8. Reduce risks: the greatest risk of a company is going bankrupt, but with internationalization this fear decreases, because financial capital increases and the business is consolidated by having a greater margin of financial action.
  9. Opportunities for growth internally and externally: internally, investing allows the growth of the organization, because new sources of employment are generated and externally, consolidating the company outside the borders, allows encouraging the creation of new alliances.
  10. Increase profitability: foreign investment increases the income and capital of the company.

The internationalization of companies can be triggered by three reasons:

  • Increase the potential and growth of the business in new markets.
  • Reduce financial risk and encourage internal and external dynamics in the company.
  • Help offset weaknesses in the domestic market.

What are you waiting to invest in Colombia? Since you know the benefits to internationalize your company and boost profits in the country, go beyond the barriers and bet on the growth of your business.


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