5 aspects before hiring an accounting firm

5 aspects before hiring an accounting firm

Having the collaboration of a firm that is dedicated to bookkeeping and tax work of the company is essential for any organization, mainly because it serves as a support when presenting an audit before the tax authorities. In this article, we will explain 5 aspects that you should take into account before hiring an accounting firm and the importance of tax services in Colombia.


We explain how to get the tax registration for a company.



Experience is one of the most important aspects that you must take into account when you are looking for a company that offers tax services in Colombia, mainly because its years of expertise give the support of adequate administration, such as the management of inventory books, calculation of income taxes, division of costs and expenses, among other points.

At the same time, this type of firm has most likely witnessed what DIAN (Tax Office) does when conducting a tax audit. Therefore, they can advise the company on what measures to take in the event of this scenario in order not to be harmed by an offense that leads to a fine.


Punctuality and commitment

Punctuality is an essential pillar with which every company must comply. Therefore, you must make sure that the accounting firm you intend to hire complies with this characteristic, especially since the fiscal part of a company is very delicate; Therefore, it is essential that these tasks are carried out by professionals who are committed to their work and deliver them within the corresponding deadlines.

In this way, the company can be sure that it will not present problems with the government authorities and in the event of any irregularity, they will have the support of a technical staff who knows how to handle the situation.


Quality of audits

You must carefully evaluate how they carry out the audits, since these do not only consist of recording the accounts and taking them to the fiscal year sheet, but also identifying where each amount that leaves and enters the company comes from. Mainly because when there is an audit, the first thing that DIAN prosecutors investigate is the origin of all transactions. In the event that they observe any amount that is not found in the accounting sheets, they will take it as a deviation from tax obligations and that will bring negative consequences.

A good audit will allow you to identify what could be the possible failures that would appear from the beginning of the fiscal year to the end. And so, correct them as soon as possible. The evaluation of the results must be taken into consideration, so that the company can analyze whether the work that has been developed in conjunction with the firm has been beneficial or not, for this reason it must be certain that the firm to be hired can supply all your needs and the execution of your activities is entirely accurate.

Reputation of the firm

Make sure that the company that offers tax services in Colombia is reliable. You can check it by investigating if it has a website or social networks where a significant number of people follow it and you can make visible the comments they have made about it.

In order for you to verify its veracity, you must also find out if this firm is formally incorporated in the commercial register. Especially because if it pays taxes, it indicates that it is actually maintaining business operations in the country.



Price is an element that you should also take into account, especially because you have to analyze whether your company has the necessary budget to pay for this service. In general, those accounting firms that stipulate lower rates than the competition are not characterized by offering efficient professional service. You do not have to look for the most expensive one, but the one that has an affordable price but that maintains optimal quality standards.

Tax services in Colombia play a preponderant role in the Colombian economy, mainly because most of the companies established in the country make use of these firms in order to obtain advice in relation to tax obligations and thus comply with the payment of taxes. respective taxes in proportion to net earnings. Avoiding any type of inconvenience with the corresponding government entity (DIAN).


Know the consequences of not keeping the accounts.


Hopefully, this article has been useful to you, and now you are more cautious when hiring an accounting firm Colombia. Remember that tax services in Colombia play an important role since they provide advisory services in relation to tax obligations and thus, comply with the payment of the respective taxes in proportion to net profits, avoiding any type of inconvenience with the entity corresponding government (DIAN).


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