What is the Single Registry of Bidders (RUP) and how is it processed?

Single Registry of Bidders - RUP

Any company that wants to enter into contracts with state agencies must be registered in the Single Registry of Bidders (RUP). To process it, you must look for a good consulting agency that provides the necessary accounting advice in Colombia to comply with everything effectively and in a timely manner.

What is the RUP?

The RUP is a legal registry in which individuals and companies, whether national or foreign, domiciled or with a branch in Colombia, who want to contract or provide some service to Government institutions, must register. Accounting advisory in Bogotá can be of great help to correctly formalize the registration, so you should always take it into account.

An expert consulting agency knows the procedures, documentation and actions to be promoted, among which the following stand out:

  • Enter the platform of the Network of Chambers of Commerce, Confecamaras, and choose the corresponding Chamber of Commerce according to the fiscal domicile of the company to be registered.
  • Manage and fill out the form.
  • Attach the information on the required requirements: documents that demonstrate experience in the field of work and services offered, executed contracts, companies where participation has been held and legal capacity to enter into commitments and acquire rights. It is also necessary to provide information that shows the financial and technical capacity of the bidder and the classification within the United Nations coding system with which services and products are standardized worldwide.

Step by step processing

Obtained the completed form with the attached requirements, the procedures to formalize the registration are very simple:

  • Make the payment of registration fees at the authorized ticket offices of the corresponding Chamber of Commerce.
  • Consult the status of the procedure with the holder that appears on the receipt.
  • Once the registration has been made, the certificate can be requested at any of the offices of the Chamber in which the registration was made.

The reported information will only appear in the RUP 10 business days after the day following the registration date. For this reason, if it is the first time, the company will not appear until after that period, and if it is an update, the changes will only be reflected after that time.

To make an effective registration, complying with all the requested requirements, it is advisable to resort to the support of a company specialized in the area. With it, you can streamline the procedures and not waste time on failed attempts; is the best option to achieve the RUP.

Benefits obtained by registering in the RUP

The Single Registry of Bidders contains all the information related to the company, in terms of its experience, financial, legal, operational and organizational capacity and classification, which is always highly valued by State institutions at the time of contracting.

In addition, it provides other important benefits, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Participate in all bidding and contracting processes of state agencies, which are consistent with the purpose of the company.
  • Publicize the conditions that qualify your company as a proponent.
  • Obtain the RUP as documentary proof that your company meets all the requirements of the State to contract and that said information has been verified. With the presentation of the RUP, it is no longer necessary to present all the documents that prove the legal existence of your company in order to enter into contracts.
  • Being part of the country’s largest database of potential companies with the capacity to be State contractors.

In short, the RUP is extremely important to grow as a business, and even more so if your intentions are to do business with government entities. So, if you haven’t managed it, you should do it now.


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