RUES: How to know if the name for my company is available

name for my company

The Single Business and Social Registry (RUES) is an entity managed by the Colombian Chambers of Commerce, which has sought to automate the information related to these type of companies, making it accessible not only to the State, but also to companies, contractors, non-profit entities and society in general.

Do you have an unregistered business?

How to create a company in Colombia is a necessary diligence, which allows you to be registered in the Single Business and Social Registry to take advantage of its benefits and, of course, comply with the social responsibility that this entails for the country.

But first, you must perform a name query in order to verify that the next name of your registered business does not belong to another company nationwide.

Without a doubt, your company, business or small business needs a good name, one that is unique and memorable, to tell your potential clients what you do and that is capable of strengthening your brand through corporate identity.

When should I check if the name for my business is available?

You must ensure the authenticity of the name for your business or company before initiating an application for registration in the RUES. The most advisable thing is to do it with time, since that way you will have a space to think about different viable options for your company.

Verify that your company name is available to register

If you are going to formalize your registration in the RUES, you must make sure that the name you chose has not been used, since this is considered homonymy in the commercial world, which can mean large penalties and cumbersome additional procedures.

Commercial homonymy implies the existence of two companies or businesses with identical names, but it cannot be considered in this way if the names are similar or work on the same concept. Identical names include those where the only difference from an existing name is:

  • Certain punctuation marks.
  • Special characters, for example, the + sign.
  • A word or character that is similar in appearance or meaning to another in the existing name.
  • A word or character that is commonly used in Colombian company names.


The Single Registry for Commercial Activities in Colombia may mean coincidences between previously registered company names. To be prepared and select a feasible option, you should verify company names in the RUES to ensure that yours is unique and available for registration.

Keep reading! Next, we will tell you step by step how to know if the name you have chosen for your company is available or if it already exists among the list of the Single Business and Social Registry.

  • Go to the RUES website.
  • In the option on the left side “Registries”, put the cursor and choose “Commercial Registry” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, you will see a search form where you must fill in name / keyword.
  • In this box, enter the name you have chosen for your company and click on “consult”.
  • You can receive two different messages: a list of names or the precise name of the company that matches with the one you have chosen, or, information notifying that said query has not produced results.
  • If you got the second option, it means that the name is available for use in your company.

After verifying the availability of the name for your company, it is time to start managing the entire process in the RUES, having the certainty and peace of mind that you are registering a business with a unique name. Remember! It is essential to formalize your commercial activity to fulfill your responsibilities as an entrepreneur and also take advantage of the great benefits of the Single Business and Social Registry.