Reasons for bookkeeping your company

Mejorar la contabilidad de mi empresa

Accounting services can help you keep accurate and precise financial records, as required by current regulations; however, many companies fail to implement this process comprehensively. In fact, “poor bookkeeping” is one of the main reasons why companies fail. Without bookkeeping, you would be blindly conducting your business. Still not convinced of how relevant is bookkeeping for your company? Here are the reasons why you should pay more attention to this point.

We explain what accounting records are.


1.    Communication with the outside world

A company needs to communicate with the outside world and what better letter of presentation than transparent and up-to-date financial statements. Suppliers must know who the company is before selling products to them, as well as partners must know how reliable the accounting system and workflow management is.

Therefore, bookkeeping in Bogotá help build trust in your business and give owners a good overview of their operations. Remember, it is always important to have control over the income and expenses the company has.

2.    Internal reasons

There are many internal reasons why bookkeeping in Colombia is important, for example, small companies can use their accounting information to have an overview of operations. This can, among other things, help to make visible where the company is in relation to the strategy that has been established and ask itself where it is in relation to the financial objectives, and if the business is on the right track.

3.    Keep track

The bigger companies get, the stricter the rules are about what information should be in the accounts, this is often related to investment decisions based on them. It also highlights the need to check that what is being done is correct and real.

On the other hand, if there were no mechanism between the company and the outside world through the implementation of bookkeeping, it would be easy to generate inconsistencies in the accounts; for this reason, outsourcing this point of your company will allow an impartial, professional and transparent advisor to manage and optimize the way in which the financial aspects of your company are executed, generating reports that will allow you to be aware of the whole panorama.

4.    Improve business management and growth

No one knows the business as the owner, right? What happens when we need to dive into the details? Bookkeeping in Bogotá will put you in a position where you can quickly find accurate information to evaluate your options and chart the best course of action. This is particularly useful for when you need to make investment decisions that will finance future growth.

Mejorar la gestión empresarial de mi empresa

If you don’t have a decent record keeping process and easy access to financial data, then you won’t be able to accurately assess the amount of taxes you have to pay, for example, or if the tax collector consults your records, they probably have difficulties in providing accurate answers and that could end up in fines. So, think about it and evaluate it correctly.

5.    A time saver when it comes to customer service

It is not surprising that when you have well-organized records, thanks to the implementation of bookkeeping, you save considerable time. Taking the guessing game out of where to find different documents will allow a quick response when it comes to customer inquiries or if a billing problem arises. Finding an invoice or sending a quote quickly can be the difference between losing or winning a job with clients.

6.    Liquidity

A common reason for small business failure is poor cash management. Bookkeeping help determine the liquidity of a business, which refers to the cash and other liquid resources at your disposal to pay financial commitments. Properly managed information reduces the risk of bankruptcy by detecting bottlenecks.

7.    Financing

Accounting services help business owners prepare historical financial records, as well as financial projections that can be used when applying for a loan or securing investment for the business.

Do not miss these five points that you should know about accounting advisory in Bogotá.

As we have seen, bookkeeping services are a of great help on how the company meets its budgets. Budgets are good targets before the fiscal year, and neat accounting allows you to check income, expense, and income points per month so you can see if you are on the right track or not.


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