Advice for entrepreneurs: a practical guide to entrepreneurship

practical guide to entrepreneurship

If you think about the incorporation of a company in Colombia, it requires your attention in all the details to be sure that you meet all the requirements of the law.

In Colombia, entrepreneurs are generally unaware of this process, the government entities with which they must register and what is the role of each of them. That is why it is recommended that if you are a new entrepreneur, you let yourself be advised by experts who can guide you on the right path to be sure of laying a solid foundation in your projects.

Know the benefits of having good advice.

When an entrepreneur is starting a company, his main concentration is to lay good foundations so that it is prosperous and solid. All the obligations that he has with the State and with taxes and even the relationship that he builds with employees are usually unknown issues.

This is where the experts come in to support the process. When there is an expert who can guide you as an entrepreneur and facilitate the path you should take, you can be sure that you are moving forward correctly.

Information management

Any decision you have to make as an entrepreneur requires a minimum of knowledge on certain topics. Of course, no one is an expert on all subjects, so trusting an advisory company can be the difference between making the right decision or not and doing it at the right time.

Key partners

Experts in business incorporation are always excellent allies; In this way, as an entrepreneur you can consult about situations that are new to you or that require more experience. In this way you will have the peace of mind of building a safe path and the time saved will be valuable for you to dedicate to other activities.


The knowledge left by experience is an added value provided by an expert. When an entrepreneur is confident that his advisor will make available to him all the experience acquired over time and in working with other companies, he knows that his time will have a large impact on the growth of the company. Therefore, he will be a fully productive person.

All areas

An advisory company has a group of professionals from different areas; For this reason, when they hire advisory services, not only one more company is hired, but a group of allies is added and each of them will make contributions on different topics and according to the situations. In addition, the different knowledge can be complemented, so that the entrepreneur can place all his confidence that all areas of his company are well advised.


Counting on the advice of a company will ensure you as an entrepreneur that when hiring staff for your company you will be clear about the profile you are looking for. Exactly, you will know what expertise the person who is going to fill each position must have. Likewise, you will be able to establish the correct salaries for each position.

Growth in the future

An advisory company is committed to the growth of its clients, so it will be able to receive from the hands of expert’s suggestions on what direction it can take to a company so that it adjusts to the market predictions and can grow at the expected rate.

It is always important that you analyze which will be the advisory company that will accompany you in the formation process of your company. These kinds of decisions cannot be based on price alone or superficial impressions.

It is necessary that you delve into the experience that each company has, in its triumphs, in the results that can be expected from it and, above all, in the quality of work of each of the advisors who will accompany you in this process.


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