How does outsourcing affect companies?

outsourcing companies

It is a phenomenon that usually occurs in many companies with the purpose of reducing expenses in relation to the salaries of the workers who have been hired. That is why many companies have implemented this system to offer other organizations the possibility of carrying out certain tasks for which the contracting companies are not specialized. In this article we will explain more about it.

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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a practice where companies assign certain tasks of their own to other organizations through a contract. This in order for the latter to use their own staff to develop the intended activities.

For example, suppose that a company that is dedicated to the commercialization of machinery has some flaws in its financial records and does not have a trained staff to solve this situation, in this case, they can hire a company that offers bookkeeping services and helps them in their activities without having to hire and train new staff.

In this way, the company that sells equipment machinery will save a good amount of money, because it will not be necessary to introduce new personnel to take charge of these activities on its payroll and will solve the bookkeeping situation it suffers.

Advantages offered by Outsourcing

 1. Higher standards of quality of work

When a company hires another that does specialize in a certain activity, the latter will be able to offer a quality service that directly benefits the former. Thus, the company that hires will increase its productive performance, improve its quality standards and it will be much easier for the company to position itself in the market.

2. Cost savings

It is evident that when a company introduces new employees to an organization, it implies complying with all the social benefits established by the Law that favor workers.

All this implies an additional investment of physical and financial resources that may not be convenient for the company, so that, in these cases, outsourcing becomes the most effective means of solving a problem by investing a much smaller amount of capital.

3. Speed ​​and effectiveness in the fulfillment of the works

When a company agrees with another organization a working relationship through outsourcing, a series of commercial agreements must be signed that both parties must comply with.

On the one hand, the contracting company must agree to pay the total amount for the execution of the tasks assigned to the collaborating company. And the latter must comply with completing the work within the term stipulated in the contract.

Thus, organizations will be able to optimize work time and achieve the established goals by making use of a smaller number of resources, which will directly affect an increase in the productivity of the company and quite possibly the potential gains in terms of sales. refers.

Why many companies should do outsourcing?

The main reason is because companies cannot be fully self-sufficient in certain tasks. Obviously, they depend on others to successfully fulfill some of their objectives.

For example, all small, medium, and large companies whose operation must be in physical spaces, need a construction company to carry out the construction works of the facilities, otherwise, it will be impossible to fulfill the project.

On the other hand, the organizations that benefit the most from outsourcing are small and medium sized entities. Mainly because these types of companies do not have a large enough social capital. Therefore, they must carefully manage all the financial resources they have.

In the last 5 years, many companies located in Colombia have presented an increase of more than 50% in the incorporation of this type of work. Becoming one of the largest countries in the region is to implement this system. This includes both national and international companies.

It can be concluded that outsourcing is a practice that is growing considerably in Colombia and that stands out for its excellent results. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to adapt to it if they want to achieve their objectives quickly and not get stuck in terms of productivity.


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