National and municipal taxes: National and local taxation

National and municipal taxes

National and municipal taxes

Every year, companies are required to pay taxes for the services they have received from the Directorate of Taxes and Customs and the Secretariat of Finance of Bogotá. In these cases, having effective accounting services in Colombia reports great results and is a magnificent source of knowledge.

Let’s learn a little more about the responsibilities that every company has and the obligations to which it is subject.

What are national taxes?

When taxes have a national nature, everything related to the profits that the company has and the provision of services, together with their fees, is calculated all together. Any internal action involving a third party is automatically included in the DIAN and is settled on the same portal.

Being mandatory and protected by Law 2155 of September 14, 2021, it must be fully complied with, in order not to fall into sanctions before the competent authorities.

What are the obligations of a company?

Let’s see what the obligations that a company has with the DIAN consist of:

  1. Income: it is a tax obligation that individuals as well as companies perceiving profits over their economic activity must file annually.
  2. Tax on dividends: taking into account that business economic activity is increasing notably and the assets owned are increasing, it is necessary to pay taxes on the profits each year the distribution occurs.
  3. Capital gains: everything that produces profit outside the regular activities of the companies must be subject to special tax rates that are clearly indicated by the law.
  4. Tax on financial movements: generally, the banking activity in a company occurs very often, you must transfer money, transactions, deposits and others. All bank withdrawals are subject to banking tax at a national level and the current rate is 4/1000.
  5. VAT: VAT payment is better known, since it is a way in which companies are held responsible for the service offered to third parties.
  6. Consumption tax: in a bimonthly period of time you must make this declaration, since people continually benefit daily from what you offer. This tax is only applicable to certain types of business such as: catering, restaurants, franchises, among others.

What are municipal taxes?

These refer to the requirements agreed by law when acquiring a company or any person who is benefiting from the monetary entry and exit. Every business owner must make payments on the assets he owns, since many of them are in the public domain.

These taxes are carried out in the jurisdiction where the goods and services are located, that is, municipalities and departments of the locality.

What obligations fall on the company?

Among the many services for which you have to account for or pay a tribute as such for the company to function well, are:

  1. Industry and commerce tax: if you are a merchant or you provide a service, you are obliged to pay tax according to the activity you present annually.
  2. Property tax: this is what makes you a creditor of a property or real estate, and every year you must pay it or you will be penalized.
  3. Registration tax: if you want to generate contracts according to the goods and services you have, you must pay this tax; It is a form of legality before the DIAN based on your documents.

In short, being up to date with the DIAN in the payment of municipal and district taxes is a seal that ensures that your company can continue to function. Likewise, they are the duties that, by law, you automatically acquire when you legalize your company and start its operation.


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