How to conduct the administrative functions of a company?

administrative functions of a company

To get started on the subject, you need to know that administrative functions are the activities that take place in an organization. An example would be accounting services where a manager is needed to coordinate the work.

The importance of administrative functions

If you wonder the importance, here we explain the magnitude of its relevance. They are essential for activities or duties to be coordinated as a team with the entire company, to achieve the best results and also so that you can respond to the needs of the organization.

On the other hand, they are relevant so that the administrator can have the structured organization and achieve the economic growth that he desires. However, he needs other ideas such as the division of labor and specialization.

For you to achieve an efficient performance of administrative functions, you need to understand Fayol’s theory that focuses his ideas at the management level.

Heri Fayol determined the 5 functions of the administration, which are used in large companies and micro-companies because they give access to coordinated work during the stages of the administrative process. Thus, they become the basis of success and leave positive points to achieve the objectives set.

You can also apply them to your company, as well as appropriate bookkeeping, regardless of whether it is a medium or small business, so that you can advance economically,

Henri Fayol and the 5 functions of administration

These functions are the most adopted and used in companies because they are compatible in any economic sector and you can get people who are quality administrators. Here are the 5 administrative functions:

  1. Planning
  2. Organization
  3. Management
  4. Coordination
  5. Control

It is worth mentioning that the functions are hierarchically distributed throughout the company and that as the position rises, the functions increase.


Its importance lies in the administrator, who must organize the activities that he seeks to carry out and that will provide the objectives and results that he expects. For this, you must set precise, flexible, and continuous strategies. If you are an administrator, you should not forget about the mistakes made in the past to avoid problems and thus be able to correctly define the goals.


This function is truly relevant because it is used to organize the tasks that will be carried out, the personnel who are really trained, where the decisions will be made and the tools that will be used.


If you are the administrator of the organization, you must pay attention to this function because it will be one of your responsibilities and you must verify that the workers carry out the tasks and the proposed objectives are achieved.

In addition, you must provide guidance and guidance to workers, always with due respect. Also, you cannot forget to motivate them and use your leadership to get better communication with staff.


The importance of this function is found in grouping the efforts of the entire company, so you have to join the activities with the procedure so that they are supplemented and the purpose that the organization wants is reached.


This role is linked to the role that an administrator performs. Therefore, if your company does not have control, you will not be able to reach your goal. In this part, you have to evaluate that the tasks assigned to the staff are carried out correctly and that the rules are respected. In addition, check that the path to the objective does not deviate and in case of errors, start the corrections immediately.

In conclusion, more and more ways of entrepreneurship appear thanks to the technological era, but Henri Fayol’s approach continues to be favorable to achieve the goals that are needed within companies. We hope that this post will be useful for you to apply them in your own business.


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