Electronic invoicing in Colombia: considerations, objectives and benefits

Electronic invoicing in Colombia considerations, objectives and benefits

If you are in the process of registering your own company, you have to know what electronic invoicing in Colombia and what bookeeping services in Colombia are targeting to.

Electronic invoicing in companies

At the time that you manage your business properly, which includes keeping a record of what you sell, you need to have legal proof of all the commercial movements that you carry out.

What does this type of billing consist of?

Electronic invoicing works the same as the paper invoice, its purpose is to provide proof of the sale and purchase of a good or a service so that the tax system can determine the legality of what is declared economically.

Invoicing is a useful tool in verifying the income and expenses of your company. In addition, it works for tax filing, since DIAN can verify the taxes that apply to other taxpayers. You can do this with the help of bookkeeping services Colombia.

Electronic invoicing belongs to the set of electronic tax documents that must be declared to the DIAN in order to be validated. After they are valid, the invoices will be delivered to you, and you can make them effective with the client.

The electronic invoicing system considers:

  • The electronic invoice.
  • The report for the validation of the invoices.
  • The payroll documents.
  • The procurement documents.
  • The registration of electronic invoices as a security (RADIAN).
  • And equivalent documents.

Electronic invoicing objectives

Following, we explain some of the objectives that are obtained with electronic invoices:

  • Easy invoices handling: it is a good option for you to maintain an easy issuance and registration of documents within the company. In addition, new forms of security are obtained with the digital exchange.
  • Provide support for the delivery of a good or service: the electronic invoice is a legal proof of the delivery of a product as a traditional invoice used to do.
  • Guarantee authenticity: being an invoice, it allows the individual or company to prove that they are who they say they are.
  • Integrity: provides confidence that the content of the invoice has not been altered by someone in search of a benefit.

Electronic invoicing benefits

The benefits of electronic invoicing are directed towards optimizing the processes of issuing and receiving these documents like this:

  • Processes are optimized because there is technology that streamlines the process, minimizing errors and increasing the efficiency of document handling.
  • The value of an electronic invoice is equal to the invoice that has always worked. In addition, the electronic invoice will be issued, delivered, accepted, and received electronically through technology providers verified by DIAN.
  • Agility is given in auditing processes such as your company’s tax declaration and it provides ease when you want to organize documents to find them faster.
  • You can eliminate the physical space used to store physical invoices, save on stationery costs and thus obtain greater security by saving invoices with less possibility of falsification.
  • Decrease the time of administrative processes in your company, decision-making time and reduce costs.

Now that you know the objectives and benefits of electronic invoicing you can implement and use it in your company and if necessary, you can request the services of a Colombian accountant who will solve all your doubts and guide you in the correct way to do it.


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