We have hundreds of references who can speak up for us and provide testimonials on how we work and how efficient we are. Currently clients from all around the world trust our work and constantly interact with our team to develop day by day better strategies to face this rapidly evolving global economy.

Our clients’ success comes about through:

Service strategy


JLC Auditors & Advisors is a dedicated accountancy and legal firm which offers a wide variety of services to all sectors of economy.


Customized service in financial matters: that is what JLC Auditors is all about. We have deliberately stayed “small’, meaning short lines of communication, immediate and one to one service and excellent relations with our clients. Our accountants, lawyers and advisors are socially committed. They specialize not only in their expertise, but also in developments in relation to other companies and in the changing rules and regulations that affect our clients. Our personnel focus on interacting on a timely basis providing the best advice possible.