Steps to set up a company online

Steps to set up a company online

You can become a virtual entrepreneur now, without having to wait, and create your own online society. The chamber of commerce provides advice and tools with which a company can be established from anywhere.

With this “cookbook” we will guide you on the steps to follow to get started.

Most important issues to consider

To set up a company online, before starting the incorporation of a business, these previous steps must be considered, which are of great importance for the success of the company:

  • Define the business idea to implement it:

Here you must keep in mind the reasons why you want to start and create a business.

Determine goals, define why that service or product and how it can be differentiated within the business world.

  • Define resources:

Before starting, drawing and developing the business idea, you must bear in mind the resources that must be considered for the execution of this, such as: Budget, people to hire, if it is going to be a physical, online or with both infrastructures, among others.

When these points are already defined, you can start officially to set up the company before the chamber of commerce of your city.

How to set up a company online?

First of all you need to decide the type of legal constitution that will be used for the company, this means under what type of parameters the company will operate, what will be its form of administration and the tax modality, among others. There are generally two forms of legal vehicles: individuals and companies.

How to set up a company online

Natural person

  • To start a company as an individual, who will be the owner of the company. This person will be the one who exercises all the rights and obligations of the company that will be in his name and will be responsible for the debts and obligations of the company. To start this type of activity, no prior proof of capital is required.
  • You must have a RUT which you can request online through the DIAN website.

Legal person

To continue with the process to set up an online company, through the chamber of commerce you can proceed, request, consult and generate the registration as an individual or to set up a SAS entity.

  • To start a company as a legal entity, the company takes over all the rights and obligations. Debts or obligations are limited to the assets of the company.
  • It can be made up of one or more persons, either natural or legal. To set it up, capital in money or in kind is required and it can function as a joint-stock company, limited liability company, collective partnership, limited partnership or individual limited liability company, among others.

To set it up you must have:

  • Identity document of the legal representative, shareholders and partners.
  • The name of the company and verify that it is not in use.
  • Choose the type of society and economic activities to develop based on the CIIU codes.

The documents and forms completed must be sent to be reviewed, in case you need help, in the chamber of commerce there are virtual advisers that will help you during the process.

The pandemic has provided fast and efficient options in procedures like these. The ease of being able to get everything in one place has been a great advantage for new entrepreneurs.

In case you have any questions or queries, virtuality allows you to have online advice for entrepreneurs that allows you to streamline the processes and be more sure of the steps to set up the company.

It is important to be well informed and carry out the process based on a good and rich source of information, that is the only way to ensure good results and therefore the success of the creation of a virtual company.

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