IFRS implementation

Our personnel certified by ICAEW will support you to convert your statements to IFRS.

To guide you along the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) implementation of your financial statements, we have a wide background and professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in relevant technical aspects for each sector and the tools necessary for the project. We understand your needs and your business. Our professional advice on transition includes:

IFRS adoption for the first time.

This includes the presentation of the opening balance as on January 1st of the previous year of full adoption, reports, policies and technical memorandums required to support each adjustment.

Simultaneous reviews in the adoption phase and advice on the preparation of any requests of information made by any internal or external entities.

Advising and recommending strategies to deeply understand and adapt all the changes from the policy evaluation stage to the diagnosis stage.

The officers will receive the necessary training so that in the post-implementation stage they will have all the tools and knowledge to keep up by themselves the IFRS standards.

We have developed and tested automated tools that make much more simple and efficient the transition to International Standards.

Our work is not limited to the conversion of local figures; we also provide support on global best practices for the implementation of such standards.


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