Are there any aids to set up companies?

aid for business creation in Colombia

In the country there are many organizations that are offering incentives to new entrepreneurs to facilitate the process to set up companies in Colombia, thus making a direct contribution to the economic growth of the country. In this article we will explain more about it.

Find out what type of companies are the most used in Colombia.

Why is it good to receive aids for setting up companies in Colombia?

The main reason is because there are several entrepreneurs who have innovative business ideas, but who do not have sufficient financial resources to make them real. Similarly, they also need the support of specialists who can advise them on the feasibility of the project they intend to carry out.

On this occasion, we will mention some of the programs (both private and public entities) that offer these grants for setting up companies in Colombia. However, keep in mind that to apply to each one or to present your idea, it is necessary to comply with all legal requirements established in national law; therefore, bookkeeping, tax and other advice can be of great use to you.

Here are the existing programs:

1. Technoparks

 It is a public social program promoted by SENA. Its main purpose is to finance business projects that are oriented towards the world of information technology, telecommunications, and technology.

If you want to carry out a project that is framed in the world of technological innovation, this is the ideal help for you.

For more information about this social program, visit this page.


It is a program financed by the ICT Ministry, the purpose is to provide financial support for those business projects where the use of new information and communication technologies is used to expand the potential of business.

This program also offers consultancies, meetings and calls to discuss those important points for the business initiative to develop correctly.

For more information, visit this website.


Colciencias is a government organization in charge of promoting public policies aimed at the development of science. Areas such as biotechnology, cellular organisms and atomic components are some of the branches that are supported by said state entity.

4. Chambers of Commerce

Each of the Chambers of Commerce of the country grants certain aid to those entrepreneurs who wish to formalize the incorporation of companies in Colombia. Not necessarily in financial matters, but in legal, tax and labor advice.

Likewise, it is relevant to note that every business project that passes through the Chamber of Commerce must be studied, analyzed and evaluated by qualified professionals to determine the viability of the business.

5. Universities

 The vast majority of universities (both private and public) in Colombia have a department where they offer their support to entrepreneurs. Generally, higher education students take advantage of this benefit to make their business ideas known to the representatives of said support center. Thus, receiving the corresponding advice.

6. Ventures Corporation

 It is a large network of allies that are responsible for supporting the establishment of companies to attract more capital to the country. Its main objective is to improve the public, private and mixed business system that is made up in the nation.

On the other hand, this organization offers programs where contests are held to reward those business projects that are more innovative, supporting them financially for their start-up.

For additional information, visit this web page.

7. Bancoldex

Bancoldex is a financial entity that is in charge of supporting any business project through its credit financing. The vast majority of small, medium, and large companies that do not have a large enough share capital go to this institution to formally start their respective companies.

If you want more information about this help, visit this page.

All of these business programs are playing a crucial role in Colombia’s economic development. Especially because they have generated support that motivate potential investors to formalize their respective businesses within the country, increased productivity, formal employment, and the progress of society.

In this way, many young people with great potential have the possibility of achieving their goals in the short, medium, and long term, offering them genuine conditions that allow them to aspire to great organizational achievements.

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We can see that there are numerous aids offered by different organizations to support the establishment of companies in Colombia. Therefore, if you have a business project in mind, do not hesitate to make use of them to carry out your respective business model.


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