At JLC we can help outsourcing your bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and administrative activities. Our department for accounting advisory and outsourcing is compound by a variety of professionals ready to provide the assistance you need anytime. The outsourcing model enables you to alleviate the burden of interviewing, hiring and preserving your staff to keep up with your operations.

A robust and solid IT structure, at the cutting edge of ERP system combined of well-developed and efficient processes will let you concentrate on your core business while your accounting processes are outsourced. The services offered are fully integrated, flexible and affordable.

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We have got a team of specialists on tax, accounting and financial matters. JLC outsourcing aim is to build trust with our customers by adapting to each situation and always thinking in becoming an ally for your organization while the best practices for saving money are put in place.

Do you have a clear idea why accounting advisory and outsourcing services are so important for business?

The main reason is because the accounting department is an integral part of any company and it helps to control all cash flow coming in and going out. Accounting area is the one analyzing the economic behavior to determine whether the business is doing good or not.

The evolving world of accounting firm advisory and outsourcing

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It is very well known that the biggest piece of the cake is about new companies trying to emerge in a very difficult market and their main goal is to save money and have the best experts accompanying the business. These companies are small entrepreneurs striving to keep their companies compliant of all regulations and deliver the maximum profit. Keeping an in-house team for full time is not option because there is no such need and is not affordable at that moment, then the best solution is to get third parties acting as an ally to their business for a long-term relationship.

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Small and medium sized entities do not count on good experience to build good accounting and financial strategies and procedures to safeguard their interests entirely. Best practices for them is to hire external providers that will help them on building grounds to gain control over the financial situation and avoid internal control flaws that usually result into frauds and financial crimes that are detectable at an early stage.

01. Accounting services

As part of our portfolio, we will guide you from step one in incorporating your company with our legal team and simultaneously to keep up your bookkeeping. Our accounting services outsourcing team will help you meet statutory requirements such as

  • Posting of income, expenses, costs, assets and liabilities
  • Monthly financial statements preparation
  • Headquarters’ customized reports
  • Close liaison with Statutory Auditors
  • Preparation of governmental reports.
  • Bank reconciliations, accounts receivables reports, accounts payables
  • Sales invoices generation. Electronic invoicing
  • Treasury management
  • Forecasting
  • Fixed assets control (physical verification, cost, depreciation, responsible, dependences, etc)

02. Payroll accounting services

Payroll structure is always complex in each country. In Colombia salaries and social security need to be monitored very closely to avoid any labor or tax contingencies and tax lawyers are strictly required:

  • Payroll computations. It also includes salary benefits and deductions
  • Employees income tax computations. It also includes expats.
  • Payroll reports. It includes slips, individual calculations for payroll benefits.
  • Treasury support for wages transfers.
  • Labor certificates preparation
  • Employment of labor accruals preparation.
  • Settlement calculations
  • Social security preparation. Upload of information to social security website (Operador) to later be paid by the client online.
  • Personnel affiliations to social security entities.

03. Tax compliance services

Tax malpractice can lead any company to cash shortages and imminent bankruptcy. Our tax specialists are there to build strategies to have a very tax efficient operation. Regularly taxes covered under accounting services are: VAT, withholding tax, Municipal tax (Bogotá) and Income Tax. The tax compliance process comprises of:

  • Analysis of the commercial activities of the company to determine the accuracy of the rates to apply.
  • Customized tax calendar with due dates
  • Preparation of withholding tax, VAT and municipal tax: detailed supports with reconciliations from accounting to tax numbers. Summary of transactions, general ledgers, trial balances, tax forms.
  • Preparation of Income Tax Return: annexures of each tax line and fiscal reconciliations
  • Other tax returns if required.
  • Indication on potential VAT and Income Tax refunds.

04. ERP and it infrastructure

On top of our accounting services, we offer a solid and robust technological infrastructure that guarantees your information will be safely protected and backed up daily. Our online systems safeguard your information with a layer of 256-bit encryption.

Our servers are monitored by IT experts to ensure no interruptions in our services. We are unique in IT advancements. Our clients can log remotely into our ERP any time and work extensively without any inconveniences.

The current ERP used to run clients’ operations has a very strong platform and it is accessible via remote desktop. The built-in features of the software include:

    • Accounting: IFRS books, tax books, cost centers, fixed assets, depreciation, cost of sales, exchange difference, petty cash, multicurrency, deferred assets, financial statements, financial indicators, management reports
    • Taxes: VAT, withholding tax, municipal taxes, magnetic media, withholding tax certificates, tax reports
    • Payables: payment invoices planning, forecast, disbursements, multiple reports
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  • Treasury: bank reconciliations, deposits and checks control, txt files generation, reports
  • Security: level of access, permissions, audit, backups.
  • Purchases: products and services requests, purchase orders, vendors payments planning, merchandise control, reports
  • Sales: massive billing, sales invoices design, quotations and orders, multiple reports
  • Stock: Stock control, batch control, warehouses, price list, bar codes, deliveries control, ins and outs, purchases, multiple reports.
  • Fixed assets: depreciation, assets pictures, insurances control, maintenance schedule, multiple reports.
  • Payroll: automatic accrual, benefits, social security, slips, multiple reports.
  • Imports: products costs calculations, reports
  • Receivables: credit lines, aging, sales, commissions, balances confirmations, reports

05. Online accountants

In this fast-evolving world, doing business is quite different than it used to be before. Most of the functions and activities can be performed remotely with an adequate supervision and constant interaction.

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Powerful tools provide users the ability to transmit information on a real time basis without the need of physically moving to other locations. That is exactly what we do at JLC.Our innovative processes create automatic workflows of documentation that enable any company virtually present to work hand by hand with us. Our online accountants and software allow us to exchange and share information any time without any barriers of time and location.Working with us and while outsourcing your operations, we will depute one accountant to look after your operation and upper levels of supervision if required.If there is a reason why we stand out from the crowd of firms is because of the easiness to provide remote assistance and be comfortable working on different time zones.

Our variety of clients with Home Officers around the world prove it. Having an online accountant gives the chance to any company to discuss tax matters in detail, efficient ways towards complex situations and other thousands of questions which are usually brought to the table.

Our experts strongly believe that the only way to make things work is by having excellent IT responsive infrastructure to deal with day to day problems and keep up always the best channels of communication securing customer’s information at any cost.

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Some people yet prefer to go with physical consultation with poor performance than having remote assistance with excellent outcome.

Trust us, we have dozens of proven case studies where clients’ profits and financial performance is far better by having the right online consultants than the wrong ones physically closely located. You can bet “online accountants do work”.

As a final consideration, be very careful when choosing your online accountant as it may not be the most efficient way forward. Sometimes you will feel attracted by cheap rates but do a little research before jumping in.

What we offer if you are looking for engaging with us through an online consulting service is:

  • Unlimited video meetings
  • Fully dedicated accountant
  • Experience
  • Cutting edge IT systems
  • Well-known reputation
  • Specialized tax consultancy

Frequent asked questions about accounting services and accounting firm in colombia

Outsourced accounting services help you completing all your accounting cycle at a piece of the cost and X times quicker. Simultaneously gives you the assurance of minimizing risks and focusing on your core business.

We have standardized some rates which are applicable to common transactions and regular companies. Check it out on our home page in the prices section.

If your business runs a different type of activities which makes it necessary a deeper analysis for a quote, we will be happy to send you a quote within the next 24 hours for our accounting advisory and outsourcing service.

We encourage you to ask for a quote and get one hour of free consultation with us.

We support our operations with a very well-known software in the market called World Office. The software has over 20 years in the market and is a fully integrated software with remote access. For more details about the software please visit “ERP and IT INFRASTRUCTURE” section.

Yes. You have full access to all modules and different users as per the permissions granted by you. All you need to do is let us know to whom and what type of access users should have.

No. nobody will be able to access your data unless it has been expressly authorized by you. Special credentials and set up is needed to grant access.

We are addicted to technology. Our system backs up the software as well as all different files with cutting edge encryption technology on a daily basis.

We provide accounting services and tax consultancy as well as incorporation of companies. Online accountancy is also available.

Back in the day, it was quite difficult to rely on a service like this, however, with today’s technology is a realistic option to be considered. We encourage you to give us a call and let us introduce you how it works and how to guarantee it will work for you.

Absolutely not. Not having a 100% accountant sitting in your office doesn’t mean the books are not yours or are untraceable. We just provide you with the best advisory as to how to manage the operations, but you will make all decisions and we will be the party in charge of taking care of taxes and accounting related work. You will have access anytime to your books.

You will be assigned an accountant. Depending on the size of your business, other levels will be involved in the project. However, at least, one accountant will be deputed and one manager supervising the operation.

Our company will always sign an accounting services agreement with you taking into account all considerations made by both parties in terms of fees, termination, time of service, personnel, etc.

If you decide during the phase of drafting the contract to do so, yes, it can be terminated anytime.