The profile for an accountant in Bogotá is filled with professional skills which allows them to check, analyze and identify critical and control spots, as well as scenarios of financial and tax progress which are the key point for the growth of the company, enforcement of laws across the national territory to keep track of every single case. So, in conclusion, the accounting duties in Colombia have reached an important level nowadays, becoming a must inside and outside any business, moreover, having a worldwide impact.
Per se, the accounting advisor’s role has been transmuted and now must be the one of a strategic ally which substantially contributes to the financial spectrum in favor of the optimization of the company’s processes.



Even though we’ve witnessed the importance of the Accounting worldwide management,
the ANIF 2018’s SME Big Poll (GEP for its original name in spanish <>) shows an alarming scene: about the 60% of businessmen don’t really manage (or control) any accounting matter on their sphere. Also, just around the 8% of the commercial branch and the 15% of the industrial branch have got some accounting advisory and tailored ERP usage.


Before these facts, there’s a huge amount of business owners putting in risk their companies just because they don’t know the importance of an accountant in Colombia and what their capabilities are to improve.

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The importance of accounting advisory

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the accountant’s role and their importance on the company’s processes.

1. Proper company management

In order to have an optimum management of your business you must consider how vital it is to delegate particular tasks according to the expert’s skills because from the day one you are establishing an environment contributing to success

Acquiring the services given by an accountant in Colombia, whose skills are good enough to manage and correctly route the company’s interests according to the laws and the financial statements, means that you’ve got a high-quality-accompaniment not only tailor-made in the manner of your projects, but also to control and regulate your finances.

Moreover, by receiving an accounting advisory frequently (even though it may look as an additional expense) it turns out to be an investment in order to boost your company’s financial stability, as well as respecting the budget and giving solution to any doubt or difficulty, which can be significant to ensure the success of your company.

2. To avoid any mistake during audits

Another important aspect to hire an accountant in Bogotá (and the rest of the country) is to avoid any contingencies in the so feared audits. Unfortunately, most of the times business owners tend to consider the aid of an accountant in Colombia once there’s been any mistake when, in fact, those can be easily avoided if you acquire timely support.

There are plenty of reasons why a business is audited, as an example, too many errors on a tax form or excessive payments; which explains the relevance of the accountant’s role on a long term relationship whose job is to devote time and be concerned about your company’s fiscal health.

5. Timely planning

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of hiring an accountant is the possibility to obtain advisory on how to planify the future of the company. Due to this, you and your accountant are able to evaluate and take advantage from last month’s reports to examine the seasonality of every product. Doing this will help you to determine the best moments to take actions like buying the inventory, or to invest in order to keep competitive.

3. To reduce the tax burden

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, every company’s priority relies on its finances, which means that any accountant with enough tax experience may be definitely helpful in order to reduce the tax burden in a legitimate way.

Also, it is important to know that an accountant’s advice can help to comprehend the complexity of taxation, expenses processes, bonuses and fiscal exemptions, in order to identify the way those matters may affect the company and the laws to correctly address them. Undoubtedly, it does not only help to avoid obstacles, but also represents a significant saving of resources by the end of every fiscal period.

Shortly, an accountant in Bogotá can become into the most important strategic ally, because they can carry out any required planning at the beginning of the fiscal year in order to minimize the burden, and to keep precise and organized records.

4. Real time decisions-making

The solutions regarding accounting and tax advisory in Colombia have got the best technology in order to adapt to its environment, enabling the chance to reply to your needs locally or remotely. This means that, being supported by an accountant as an advisor is to guarantee permanent control over the entire budget and cashflow, will help to overcome any obstacle in real time.

In addition, it may help you to make commercial decisions with your team according to the most recent data just when you need it.

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JLC’s tailor-made professionals: Characteristics of an accountant in Bogotá

As we’ve seen before, the accounting advisory enables the company to properly develop, focusing the business’s objectives and adapting them to your financial, normative and circumstantial interests. In other words, a good financial and tax control can be translated into higher levels of efficiency related to the company’s resources, improved legal responsibilities established by the government and competent bodies, plus the optimization of connected activities (economic, legal, administrative, etc.).

However, the aforementioned cannot be guaranteed if there are not qualified accountants. That is why, at JLC we offer you integral solutions, because we have the best professional best known for accomplishing the following factors:

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    Up-to-date professionals:

    In order to establish new ways in which the company and its users may interact with their obligations as contributors, the government and the public entities must set up new laws with the purpose to evolve and to improve. Therefore, an accountant in Colombia (and on any other place of the world) must be up-to-date on any regulations, which means they need to be committed with day by day new enacted laws by the government.

    An accountant in Bogotá has to be a cutting edge professional able to identify the national context in order to guarantee the quality of their services.

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    Head technology professionals:

    All designed technology dedicated to accounting processes is more and more relevant for a company, because it can be capable of collecting transactions and create a record on financial statements and tax returns, contributing to the financial information’s overall optimization, control and security.

    Moreover, in a not-so-distant future, the automation will accomplish a significant part of these tasks based on a process of automatic learning. Because of this, all accountants must be completely updated about technologic matters.

    However, automation is being used to assume repetitive tasks like preparing payrolls and filing tax forms, gaining room for the professionals to grow and develop, because it is crucial to hire experts whose skills can lead them to verify the work done by the automation tools, and that is the right moment where JLC’s best advisors can be you company’s strategic allies.

    An accountant in Bogotá whose knowledge about technological improvements is up-to-date and is capable of managing various ERPs, is a well-endowed professional to run complex processes and make a deeper analysis of the company. This way, JLC will help your company to adequately implement new technologies to automate your bookkeeping while they get even more tricky and complex.

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    Honorable accountants:

    There are certain personal characteristics which are expected by clients and employers altogether from accountants. One basic example of this is the moral and personal values. The ethical rules that accountants must follow are extremely relevant for every single activity, because any infringement may lead to their professional duties suspension. Because of this, proper values are their personal credentials.

    Colombia is not discarded from particular cases of corruption or embezzlement which tend to have a negative impact on companies and organizations, and the Central Board of Accountants (Junta Central de Contadores) take these transgressions very seriously. According to a study from the Central Board of Accountants, from the 1.200 cases which took place on 2017, about the 90% of those have ended on 3 to 12 months suspensions from their professional activities in line with the gravity of the fault. But also, there has been cases where the sanctions go from admonitions and fines, to the absolute cancelation of their professional cards if there is any recidivism.

    So, based on the aforementioned, JLC has teamed with the most qualified and honest accountants in Bogotá, because we’re aware that your company’s future relies on their hands.

Benefits of having an accountant on your company


Remember, your business’s health directly depends on the kind of professionals on which you rely your activities and needs, and accounting is similar to this. This is why, in order to hire an accountant in Colombia (and taking our aforementioned advice) you may obtain:

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    Updated financial analysis.
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    Cashflow planning, daily expenses budgeting.
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    Tax, economic and administrative planning and control.
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    Savings on time and money with a due management on: labor settlements, tax forms, tax errands, paperwork, etc.
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    Timely taxes and legal obligations.

Don’t forget: Always put what’s important on an expert’s hands.

JLC, your best ally.

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